I have been involved in ”Foodware” for 22 years.
Yoneyama has been in business for 69 years,
and five years have passed since I succeeded the company as the third President.
In this time, I’ve worked for developing the company to always be the customers’ first choice
by evolving our products and services,
based on “bonds” and “wishes” from so many people I met
YONEYAMA will continue to pursue to be the company
who knows the food industry better than anyone else
and who always brings the happiness to its customers.

We are Constructing Infrastructure of Food Industry

When you see the word “Infrastructure”, things like electricity, water, gas and public transportations may come to your mind. Much in the same way, “Foodware” plays an essential role within the supply chain of the food industry that brings food from where it is produced to your table. Just as you turn on a faucet and water comes out, or you flip a switch and lights come on, our work supports the system from behind the scene.

Contributing to “Japanese Food Culture”, the Gourmet Capital of the World

Styrofoam food trays are used for packaging foods such as meat, fish, and vegetables. Once they have served their purpose they are usually thrown away, leading to an image of negative environmental impact. But in my view it’s no exaggeration to say that these little, seemingly insignificant trays, together with wraps and chilled cases, have made it possible for us to enjoy foods from all over the world.


Making Difference Every Day

If today’s fish is bigger than yesterday’s, the size of the tray needs to be reconsidered. If the rival store switches the way of merchandizing, different plastic bags should be used. There, our creativity and ingenuity come into play.

“People Business”

The world around us is becoming more and more convenient. You seldom see a super-cashier at a supermarket. Train stations now let you pass through the gates by swiping cards. YONEYAMA, however, will focused on the kind of business that can’t be automated, that can’t be replaced with machines.

Moving Forward, Never Stopping

The times are changing, so the consumers’ needs, preferences, lifestyles and values. We believe there will be no future for YONEYAMA if we keep doing things as yesterday. Every member of YONEYAMA will constantly pursue to provide the “best work” by seeing ourselves through the tough eyes of our customers.