aaa 専門商社 aaa 必要とされる存在 aaa 信頼 aaa サポート aaa 地域密着 aaa WELOVEFOODWARE

Adding Fun and Flavor to Life with the Food Industry Through Foodware, Our Single-use Food Containers And Packaging, We Aim To Bring Together The Hardworking People Of The Food Industry With Families, Workplaces And Schools To Add Fun And Flavor To Everyday Life.

Company Profile

We are the Builders of the Food Infrastructure.

When you see the word “infrastructure,” things like electricity, water, gas, and transportation may come to mind. Much in the same way, foodware plays a vital role in the system that brings food from where it is produced to your table. And the food industry is one that we cannot live without. Just as you turn on a faucet and water comes out, or you flip a switch and your lights come on, our work is to ensure from behind the scenes that food is “always there” for you.